"Working with Monika has been life changing. Her unique approach provides a framework for tackling challenges in a way that feels balanced and peaceful. I am more confident than ever in how I'm showing up in my relationships." 


"Having Monika as my life coach has changed the way I view circumstances in my life that I believed were causing me pain and suffering. I now understand that my thoughts ABOUT a circumstance were causing me pain, and I am NOT my thoughts."


Not only through her studies and additional research but also through first-hand experience, Monika is able to guide on a variety of topics including depression and anxiety, taking care of sick parents, and working through divorce. She has proven to be a helpful and valuable resource to me during several periods of my life.


“Monika has helped shift the way I see myself and the world. I had no idea how much my own limiting beliefs were standing in my way!”


"With the multitude of daily challenges we all face, it can be difficult to find balance and recognize that our aspirations are attainable. Monika is not only professional, but she is kind and unassuming. She helped me realize that we must take care of ourselves if we want to continue to help others. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a holistic approach to wellbeing."




Contact me at: hello@monikawhitmore.com or (816) 392-3034